Our Connec2 Cloud only connects authorized users with content that is stored in an isolated virtual environment. See the overview below for a summary of all the security measures:

  • Transport communication
    • TLS1.3 (SSL) for REST
    • AES-GCM-256 for XR traffic (component, voice, and screenshare)
      • Enhanced performance in VR
      • Randomized continuously changing keys during the session
  • End-to-end encryption can be supported in future by making the world password protected, and use the same password to encrypt the event data
  • Role based access
  • Password hash
    • bcrypt hash + salt
  • JWT token
    • Signed with HS512
  • Database isolation per tenant / workspace
  • Connec2 Cloud is default available as public cloud and on request as (local) private cloud
    • Public cloud solution hosted at TransIP ( in Amsterdam (ISO 27001:2013 certified)