Client for Oculus Quest (APK)

If you are an experienced Oculus Quest user and are already familiar with SideQuest, you can also manually install Connec2 Client. Download the latest version of Connec2 Client as an APK file from our download page.

When you launch Connec2 you’ll be presented with 3 login fields: use the corresponding Connec2 credentials you received from your Connec2 contact person.

Take a look at the Tutorials section of the Platform Guide (Connec2 Client > Virtual Workspace) for a quick tour of the Virtual Workspace you’re about to explore!

Note: by manually installing Connec2 Client you won’t receive over-the-air updates: when Connec2 Client needs an update (it will tell you when you start the application), you’ll need to download and install the new version of the APK manually!