[OLD] Uplink for Windows 10 (MSI Installer)

We recommend trying to install Connec2 Uplink with the MSI Installer, but when IT policy prohibits installing applications Connec2 Uplink can also be downloaded as a ZIP Archive. The reason why we recommend the MSI Installer is because it will also automatically remove previous installed versions. Download the latest version of Connec2 Uplink as a MSI Installer from our download page.

Note: although the current MSI Installer has a valid certificate it will show security messages. We are working on a MSIX Installer which doesn’t cause/show any of these security messages!

After you’ve downloaded the MSI Installer, run it to install Connec2 Uplink on your PC. As mentioned earlier you might run into some security messages:

Your web browser (in this example Microsoft Edge) might block your download. Click the three dots next to the warning to continue

In the pop-up that opens, click ‘Keep’ to continue

In the dialogue box that opens, click ‘Show more’ to continue

From the options that become visible, click ‘Keep anyway’ to continue

You can now run the MSI Installer, click ‘Open file’ to continue

The MSI Installer will also show a warning, click ‘More info’ to continue

The button ‘Run anyway’ should now appear, click it to continue

The Connec2 Uplink installation wizard should now start: follow the onscreen instructions in order to install Connec2 Uplink on your PC.

When you launch Connec2 Uplink you’ll be presented with 3 login fields: use the corresponding Connec2 credentials you received from your Connec2 contact person.

Take a look at the Connec2 Uplink section (Uplink overview) to learn more about its features.