Uninstalling Connec2 Uplink that was installed prior May 27th 2021

We changed the installer we were using to install Connec2 Uplink: although it had a valid certificate it would still show a lot of security messages. We now have a much better installer which doesn’t cause/show any of these security messages.

This new installer unfortunately can’t uninstall the old version: so if you had installed Connec2 Uplink prior to May 27th 2021, you should now have two Connec2 Uplink icons: one of which you have to manually uninstall for just once. After that it’s smooth sailing!

Note: if you are used to manually download Connec2 Uplink as a ZIP Archive, this doesn’t apply for you!

Go to ‘Add or remove programs’ in Windows (you can search for it after you press the Windows button on your keyboard)

In the ‘Apps & features’ menu you can search for ‘Uplink’ – it should find 2 applications with the same name.

If you click on either icon it will display more information. You only have to uninstall the one which is listed as version 0.1.39 (or older), click ‘Uninstall’ to continue

Uninstall the older version by clicking on ‘Yes’ in the pop-up window that opens

That’s it! The new installer will automatically remove older versions of Connec2 Uplink in future updates!